Uber legally launches its self driving cars in California

The ridesharing company has agreed to get its driving permit in the home state after certain legal restrictions that were imposed on the company’s new autonomous feature.

Entering with legal permit

Uber’s self driving cars were loaded in a truck and sent to Arizona after a strict restriction was imposed by the DMV of the state.

The ridesharing company has returned to the home state with all the legal permission to hail its self driving cars on the streets of California. Initially, the company was persistent in receiving the driver’s permit from the state regulators stating that their self driving cars do not come under the description of the autonomous of the state. According to the DMV of the state, the self driving cars are defined as cars that do not require the assistance of human in navigating the streets. But the ridesharing company states that since they are at the initial stage of the autonomous technology, their self driving cars are accompanied by two drivers on FleetBip Solutions, so the company refused to take the permit.

However, the ridesharing giant has legally received permission to ride on the streets of California. The sudden change of decision by the ridesharing company is not known. But there are some reasons being circulating among the state regarding this decision. Some people say that as it is the home state of the country that has its headquarters in San Francisco since its establishment in 2009 and that if the company does not run its autonomous cars in the home city, it will become a void situation.

While some people say that company agreed to take the test permit because already twenty six countries companies that are working on the self driving car technology have obtained the test permit and it includes some of the leading companies like Tesla, Alphabet and Ford. Apart from this, by obtaining the permit gives concession for the ridesharing giant that earlier fought with the state regulators.

DMV grants Uber permission

The DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles in California and is a state agency that takes care of the registration of the boats and motor vehicles and it is the agency that issues the driver’s license in California. The DMV regulates the commercial cargo, private traffic schools, new car dealers and the private driving schools; it also issues the driver’s license and license plate in the state of California. As it closely works with the fleet software on Supreme Court of California that records all the convictions that are imposed against the drivers’ license and it revokes or suspends the license when the driver is accused many times.

The DMV asked the ridesharing giant to get the test permit after receiving complaints about its self driving cars. According to the DMV, companies that wish to hail their autonomous in the state has to receive the test permit and pay one hundred and fifty dollars, but was refused by the ridesharing giant.

Later, the DMV received complaints about the self driving cars causing accidents along with video evidence of two accidents. The autonomous car hit the lane in one incident, while the car ran past the street when the signal was still showing red. After this incident, the DMV ordered the ridesharing giant to stop the autonomous service in California resulting in the company shifting all its self driving vehicles to the other state.

A few weeks back the ridesharing giant announced that it has plans to applying for the permit and transported back its self driving cars to the state and acquiesced to the regulations of the state of California. The spokesperson of the DMV, Jessica Gonzalez also confirmed that the ridesharing giant was given permission on March 8th, 2017 to test 2 of the autonomous cars on the streets of the city. According to the spokesperson of DMV said that along with Uber, Plus Ai- the artificial intelligence startup also received the test permit for the self driving vehicles.

From this, it is evident that the auto manufacturers and the startups are showing great interest in building the self driving vehicles that can entirely replace all the regular vehicles one day. After receiving the permit, the ridesharing giant will not allow its self driving cars for public use because the 2 autonomous cars that have received the permit must undergo certain regulatory requirements like the vehicle smog test and other things.

Autonomous cars on the floor

The technological companies and auto manufacturers were keen on building the self driving cars and Uber was the first company to launch its autonomous cars in Pittsburgh was it had set up a research institute to build and design the autonomous cars. The autonomous cars were built with sensory devices like cameras, radars, lidar, odometry and GPS tracking device that will sense the surrounding and send signals to the vehicle so that the vehicle can navigate the road without the human assistance.

The Uber cars are constantly monitored by a driver person to check whether the sensor devices are properly sensing the surrounding and giving the proper instruction to the vehicle and also to take hold of the wheels when necessary. For the self driving cars to be regulated the Department of Transportation has to make some changes in the regulations and rules and also the streets had to be modified according to the convenience of the self driving cars so that it will be easy for the vehicle to sense its surroundings. Therefore, the self driving cars and other vehicles can ride on the same road without disturbing each other.

Lawsuit from the Technology Company

The head of the self driving technology for Uber is Anthony Levandowski. He established a self driving technology company in 2016 that builds autonomous devices that will help the existing vehicles to run on their own. Later, the ridesharing giant acquired the company in August and appointed Anthony to take care of the autonomous technology vehicles they were building in Pittsburgh.

Anthony was the former employee of Google, and has worked on the self driving technology. Alphabet filed a lawsuit against the ridesharing company for stealing their concept. The technology company’s self driving technology project- Waymo accused the car sharing company for stealing the Lidar concept that was used by them in building the self driving cars. However, the ridesharing company claims that the company is accusing them with false information. The case is still in the court, so the truth about the case is not yet known, but one thing which is evident in the present scenario is that all the companies are seamlessly working under the autonomous technology because it is the future of the transportation industry.

The ridesharing giant has faced various regulatory issues in the past, but manages to continue its operation in many places within the United States and in other countries. However, there are also places like Pittsburgh and Arizona that accepts the new technology and innovation in the transportation industry. Early this year, the ridesharing company launched a pilot program in Tempe that is similar to the program in the Pittsburgh, where the riders who book a ride using the ridesharing app can hail on the autonomous cars.